The eight ways to be

Ours is a short story beginning with the fairy tale “once upon a time” but continuing every day with the ongoing commitment of a truthful documentary. Each of us carries the heritage of the people who taught us to be open not only to the past but above all to the present and the future.
Our tradition imposes innovation, suggesting the right way to research new elements and processes. Today, more than ever, we feel the need to remain faithful to the lessons we have learned, to develop products and services that are in harmony with the times and meet our expectations.
We want to make our business ethics a distinctive and easily identifiable mark. Accessories and projects are the imprints of the values that distinguish and characterise our company and for which we are proud.
Caring and concern for the Environment, for women, for life, for work, for identities, for equality, and for equal opportunities is what our bags are about.
To protect these values, which are deeply rooted in all aspects of our work, we have also registered the intellectual property of the accessory that distinguishes our Main Collection line.
The octagonal does not just contain the initials and the memory of the founder, Domenico Carbotti, but all the love for the female spirit and vital energy that distinguishes it. Octagon as a winning combination of energy, space, time, matter, Light, Water, Wind and Earth.
It’s a symbol of an irrepressible dualism, of an unstoppable balance. The eight-pointed journey from the surface to the heart of things. From the first to the last petal of the lotus flower that we virtually bring as a gift to each of our customers. A way of remembering the importance of being different, constantly on the move.
The accessory, registered under the EU intellectual property registry number: 008473300 is another step towards our vision of conscious craftsmanship. A new way to be reborn with you every day.

Gianni Carbotti

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