Coquillete Paris & Carbotti. Haute parfumerie meets handcrafted leather goods to create Eau de Pochette: scented, sensorial and inclusive bags.


Haute perfumery on the one hand, handcrafted leather goods on the other: Coquillete Paris and Carbotti. Eau de Pochette: P.eau pour la vie e la résilience is not simply a capsule collection. The idea came from the intuition of a togated artist who prefers to remain anonymous for the moment. The Eau de Pochette is a creative reaction to one of the most undesirable effects of this pandemic: anosmia, a sign of reconquest for those who have recovered their sense of smell. Eau de Pochettes are sensory and inclusive bags, bags that meet a fragrance. The bags involved are those from Carbotti’s MAIN COLLECTION, which reveal the brand’s precise identity: Elena 243, Greta 245, Licia 241.

The selected fragrances are Sulmona, Tudor and Vesevius, three extrait de parfum by Coquillete Paris with three clearly defined scents.

The Eau de Pochette features a travel pouch, previously sprayed with one of these fragrances. Although each fragrance is linked to a model, customers can “customise” the product by choosing the bag (model and size) and one of the three fragrances to match. Together with the Eau de Pochette, it will be possible to wear the fragrance in the bag at any time; the travel pouch will contain the 10ml size of the chosen fragrance, which can be re-purchased on the Coquillete Paris website.