Our company has been serving the most demanding customers for fifty years. Our customers choose quality handmade products and wish to personalize them according to their preferences.  Each bag is the result of a precise choice. A personal desire, of combination decided by you in terms of choosing for each model, the combinations you prefer (different sizes, materials, and colors). The manufacturing, production, and marketing processes follow our ethics to achieve increasingly high standards of eco-sustainability, originality, and elegance.

Eau de pochette

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since 1956

My history

“I began manufacturing leather goods in the immediate post-war period. I can’t remember exactly whether it was 1944 or 1945. I was about 10 years old when at the time I came across the famous Caffè Derna in Via Barnaba. First I started cleaning the floors and only after a while I was allowed to cut the leather and finally to sew it to make saddles and horse harnesses.” Continue…


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