More ambitious goals for 2021

January is always a time for evaluation for setting visions and most, for reaching more ambitious goals.

All of us, the family, the employee worked with increased motivation and "that special enthusiasm that makes a virtue out of necessity"

We aim to convey through our products the value and passion for craftsmanship that demands beauty and professionalism.

I would like to thank all the customers who contributed to customizing our products and who believed in our organization. We wanted and will always want to offer them the highest level of service.

We expect to launch a new version of our Main collection in 2021 featuring a beautiful new customized closure for our handbags.

Later this year, we will produce the first totally sustainable Carbotti bag, made with materials of vegetable origin...

And much more…

Stay tuned

For this reason, please note we will change soon the closure hardware promoting a new version. We will produce new pictures of the products replacing the existing ones.

Best regards,

Gianni Carbotti

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