Born from the most ancient traditions

The CARBOTTI company was founded by its founder Domenico Carbotti in 1956, in Martina Franca, as a small artisan workshop.

Leaving unaltered the traditional craftsmanship and care for details, starting as a small workshop, the company renewed and grew thanks to the contribution of three children: actually, Angelo is in charge of product development, Gianni manages the company and sales, Michele assists with the production activities.

A contemporary company based on craftsmanship, with a management that operates with international brands, while maintaining a family structure that guarantees seriousness and dynamism at the same time, a tradition that preserved the love of its founder Domenico Carbotti, over the years.

The company produces women’s handbags working in full respect of the environment and the people involved in the creation of a product that stands out for its uniqueness and quality.

The art of making handbags since 1956

“The company Carbotti Srl was founded in 1987, together with my first two sons; in 2001 my third son Gianni joined in. With the arrival of Gianni, our company had a more international attitude, thanks to his training and ability to use the Internet as a vehicle for the promotion of Carbotti bags. Now we export all over the world and in particular to Korea and Japan.” Continue…


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